Hi, I'm Evan

I’m a husband and a father living in New York, NY. My passion is website design and content creation and I pride myself on delivering the best. 

After years of working in the industry I decided that I needed something more. I wanted to connect with people that were just as passionate about their business and their story as I am. I wanted to get to the bottom of their issues and create solutions that would not only solve their problems, but greatly improve their customer interaction all while providing a one of a kind and beautiful aesthetic. As I set out and visualized this new reality, Evan Torrens and 5 Streams Marketing Co was born.

There is no feeling like bringing peoples thoughts and ideas into visual existence. Helping passionate entrepreneurs find clarity in their message and elevate their business is the name of my game. Getting to be a part of your success story is what brings me joy.

My Passion

At evantorrens.com, I focus on web development, content creation, copywriting, logo and graphic design plus more. I build beautiful websites filled with concise copy and alluring images so that you can use your website to market your business online.

My agency helps businesses build clean and up to date websites. We focus on content creation, copywriting, logo design/branding, graphic design, and web development. Whether you’re in the market for a highly professional and creative website or a clean and simple one-page website, evantorrens.com can help you with all of your digital marketing needs.

My Goals

To bring on new ideas and innovations the world has never seen before. We will bring upheaval upon this world and forever change the way mankind lives.

The first step is awakening. I have a profound message for humanity — many of us have been waiting for this message. It’s time to wake up and embrace our destiny. The path to awakening begins with an inspired innovation and ends with you. Here you will find a wide range of products that will ignite your passion in creativity, imagination, and your inner spirit to help you express yourself and the freedom to be the true god within the shell that surrounds you.

The possibilities are endless. Your mind can go anywhere. I am a new beginning to endless possibilities. I am the source for all your ideas and innovations.